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About Lester

Over the past 11 plus years, I have primarily concentrated on wedding photography. I originally chose to work mostly on weddings because of the importance of capturing the images of that particular type event. I had seen or heard of so many brides who had not been able to have good and lasting images from their event because of the high cost of photography. I had also heard of many brides who had photographers that had exhibited poor interpersonal relations skills prior to, during and subsequent to their wedding. Since I felt all brides deserved a good wedding photography experience, I was led to provide good wedding photography to brides at a reasonable cost.

As I immersed myself into wedding photography, I met many people who convinced me to photograph them, their children, families and events. Therefore, portraits, birthday parties, anniversaries, showers, engagement sessions, corporate events and senior portraits are the other type photography projects in which I have been involved. This has been quite rewarding in being able to meet so many wonderful people and making them happy by providing them, memorable images they will cherish a lifetime.

Even though we are in the era of the iPhone, iPad, Droid, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. where everyone is a photographer, there are still times when a real, professional photographer is needed and desired. And I continue to be available to those who want to insure they have great images once the wedding, part, anniversary, senior portraits, graduation, pregnancy, new baby, etc. are a thing of the past. Lester Booth Photography is available and able to provide you with the assurance of getting excellent photography services at a very reasonable cost. And believe it or not, with me you actually get more than what you pay for.
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